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Here’s how to submit your works for possible inclusion in our next show.

Entry requirements: 

  • We look for works which are dramatic, comic, tragic, nostalgic,     ironic, ordinary, quirky. 

  • We are particularly interested in stories or plays with 2-6 characters, lots of dialogue, comic or uplifting in nature, and 10-30 minutes in length.

  • We perform local writers’ work.


Stories, plays, excerpts from longer works: 

  • 2-30 minutes when read aloud 

  • 2+ characters or points of view

  • Preference will be given to works with lots of dialog


Poems, short narratives, memoir, lyrics:

  • 1-5 minutes when read aloud

  • May be a single character/voice


All works:


  • Appropriate for teen-adult audiences

  • Submit ONLY in a Word doc. or type onto the email page. 

  • Author’s full name, contact info and title must be on first page
    of each entry. Please keep each entry on separate pages. 

      [you may send a folder, for example]

How we build our shows

  • Once the troupe has chosen a theme, a Call for Submissions goes out via emails to public media, to writers’ groups, and to individual writers from past performances or submissions. In 2022 the call goes out in January for a late April or early November show, depending on Covid restrictions.

  • The troupe reads all the submissions for about a month; then the selection team chooses stories, poems, and short plays which fit the theme and work together to be performed. 

  • Script wrangling takes place. Scripting a story for Readers Theater performance means omitting “he said, she said,” for example.

  • Auditions are held for guest actor/directors, as needed. 

  • Rehearsals begin, and about six weeks later the work is performed. 

  • Usually we have 3-4 performances per show.

  • Any writers who wish to be notified of the calls for submissions may send their contact information via email:

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